The Ecorub brands

While Ecorub mainly focuses on the research and development of different TPRR®-materials, products based on this technology and with unique features are manufactured under three independent brands


TPRR® – new, recycled material options

Ecorub’s patented method enables a whole new material category: TPRR® – thermoplastic recycled rubber. This means that companies are able to choose product materials with characteristics that exceeds older and more expensive solutions. Choices that also bring new environmental possibilities. Impossible? Well think again.

The smart solution to a global ecological dilemma

Today more than 300 million used car and truck tires are disposed each year in Europe. Tires that quickly turns into a mountain of environmental problems. This changes with TPRR®, as vulcanised rubber becomes the preferred raw material when we create new tailor-made materials with specific characteristics for specific purposes. Materials that then can be recycled again and again…

A partner for development, testing and production

Ecorub’s unique expertise in the field of rubber and plastic recycling combined with our deep knowledge in new material development has made us an appreciated partner in test and pilot projects in an array of different industries. We help companies with R&D projects and test series of new products and/or materials. We deliver tailor made raw material and help companies with know-how and technical support in production (extrusion or punching).

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