We are making rubber green again

Ecorub have three different areas of products made out of TPRR® (Thermo Plastic Recycled Rubber).

We have injection molded products made out of TPRR and produced by our selves for sale or for another company. If they are for other companies we can i some cases send samples so you can get a feeling how the material persforms.

We have sheets made from TPRR produced in the USA of two kinds. Safetygrip which has an antislip surface and an adhesive. And we have a sheet that are 3 mm thich with a rough surface.

Third area is injection moulding pellets made from waste (rubber powder and recycled plastics) and transormed to a comodity with specified properties and registered at REACH.

Molded products

Our first injection molded product out of TPRR is a plantstick. It is produced from recycled rubber  and recycled caps from bottles and a small amount of powderized bark from pine threes.

Close to 100 % of our products are made from recycled polymers (and organic substances as wood or straw). 1 kg of our products saves close to 2,5 liters of fossil oil an compared to energy recovery it saves 2,7 kg of CO2.

Our products can easily be recycled.

These plant stics are for sale and the price including freight and VAT is 100 SEK for a parcel with 10 sticks.

Can be ordered here


We have two types of sheeting for sale. Safety Grip has an antislip surface and an adhesive underlining. This product is mostly delivered as punched products.

The other product is mats with a leather like surface  and 3 mm thick made for indoor use.

Injection molding compound

Today we have two materials that are registered at REACH and has been transfomed from a waste to a comodity.

One is the material for the plantstick Ecorub TPRR 501-99 and which is mainly based on recycled rubber and also on recycled caps from bottles and a small amount of powderized bark from pine trees. You can read more about his here. It is registerad on REACH with number 643133-2  -501-99.  And you can order samples here.

The second one is based on recycled EPDM and recycled packaging material and is well suited for indoor products. You can read more about this here.

You can order samples here