Expertise and development

Exploring new materials, prototypes and productions methods

At our new head office in Hökmark, Västerbotten in the heart of Sweden, you will find state of the art technology and production equipment for developing and producing the different TPRR® materials. Here are also our research and development facilities where we, together with partners, industry specialists and scientists are testing new solutions and new ”flavours” of TPRR® materials for future products and production methods. We find solutions to unsolvable material problems and combine this with a capacity to produce prototypes or test batches. This way, we are able to help our customers to explore new materials or test new limits before they decide on the way forward.

At the moment we are working with special assignments in the following fields:

We are working on developing new materials with very specific characteristics for the European and Asian automotive industry. The goal of both projects is to eliminate the production- and material constraints with traditional solutions by replacing them with customized TPRR®. The new material also ads ecological advantages.



A newly developed variant of our TPRR® material provides faster cycle times and lower energy requirements for injection moulding. One of the major European plastic manufacturing companies has tested the material in its existing production equipment with very good results. The new material also has a high insulation factor and form stability which vastly reduces the need for post-processing.



This energy efficient and environmentally friendly transport has many advantages, but has also been struggling with noise and vibration problems, especially with increased speed. In collaboration with the railway industry, we are now working to solve this with new durable, sustainable and adsorbing materials. Another advantage is the material’s ability to withstand heavy pressure without permanent deformation. Industry representatives in both Europe and Asia have shown great interest in these new opportunities.



We work with a Swedish company specializing in products for the Nordic agriculture and animal industry. Feed rings, wall coverings and moisture protection with unique material properties, that facilitate both maintenance and  handling and has a wear resistance second to none.


Working environments

We provide the TRPP raw material for the production of special mats for public, industry or office use. The mats are extremely durable and provides ergonomic everyday benefits over a very long time.

Of course, these are just a few examples of ongoing projects.

TPRR® can be a strong alternative for the energy and offshore, agriculture and other areas where advanced or specific features are needed to solve problems that needs new material characteristics and or more economic production alternatives. Especially when these properties are available in a recyclable material that is in line with the UN Sustainability Goals as well as the EU’s objectives in terms of a Circular Economy.

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