Our sheets made from TPRR are of three kinds. We have safetygrip  and a mat with a leather like surface. In fall we plan to introduce a geomembrane suitable for lining of irrigation canals and for making of dams.

Safety Grip

Safety grip is used as a anti-slip surface in automobiles, aluminum boats, bath tubs, gym equipment, etc.

It has a rough surface and a pressure sensitive underlining. It is 2 mm thick and can be punched or cut in products  with a maximum width of 130 cm.

Rubber sheeting with leather like surface

This mat is 3 mm thick and produced with a width of 160 cm. It is produced of EPDM waste so it is suitable for indoor uses.


Geomembranes can easily be welded. This product is planned to be on the market in fall.

Thickness is 2 mm and sheet width 150 cm.

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