Molded products

We have two own molded products in production:

The plantstick and a plate for gardens.

In fall we will have a third product a coverage for a towbar made in cooperation with SDAB (Svenska Däckåtervinning AB).

We have one product  for another company,  Exxentric AB,  that we can send you samples of for learning how this material is working.

The plantstick

Our first injection molded product out of TPRR is a plantstick. It is produced from recycled rubber  and recycled caps from bottles and a small amount of powderized bark from pine threes.

Close to 100 % of our products are made from recycled polymers (and organic substances as wood or straw). 1 kg of our products saves close to 2,5 liters of fossil oil an compared to energy recovery it saves 2,7 kg of CO2.

Our products can easily be recycled.

The garden plate

This plate for gardens will be produced in fall. We will haveit in two. One black with a high content of recycled rubber and the other one with high content of wood fibers and will be brown.

The shield for a towbar

This shield for a towbar will be produced in fall in cooperation with SDAB (svensk Däckåtervinning AB ).

The top – now showing SDAB:s logo  – can be replaced with other companies logos.

The shield will be produced out of a soft TPRR rubber that clamps around the  ball.

Ecorub AB