Competence and capacity.

With the merge of our company’s research and development facilities and our production capacities, we now have gathered all our competence and manufacturing to our main office in Hökmark, Lövånger. This will give our customers and partners even greater opportunities to test new materials, prototypes and test series.

(Left) Ecorub´s rubber blanket being rolled up. (Right) Decking plate made in Italy by Ecorub’s material.

In the coming weeks and months, we will upgrade our manufacturing facilities with modern equipment for injection moulding and extrusion, including a production line with a capacity of 1000 kilos pellets/hour for injection moulding of our TPRR® material. We will also have capacity to laminate and calendar sheet and mats. Today we can punch, cut, mill and weld sheets.

Our existing machinery 

  • Injection moulding machinery. 75, 100, 650 ton
  • Extrusion machinery for making pellets for injection moulding
  • Milling machine for thick rubber sheets
  • Welding machine for welding sheets
  • Punch
  • Shears for cutting sheets

Planned machiner

  • Extrusion of pipes.
  • Calendar for making mats and sheets
  • Hot press equipment
  • Machinery for lamination and putting text/logos on rubber sheets.