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Decades of accumulated knowledge. Brand new possibilities.

Ecorub are preparing an ISO 9001:2015   and an ISO 1400 certification.

In view of that we publish our policy documents:

Company Policy

Quality Policy

Environmental Policy

EcoRub has been developing materials and products out of recycled rubber for more than 20 years. Our knowledge and experience in this field has resulted in a patented techniques where we process recycled rubber and recycled plastic into new, cost-effective rubber materials. We develop tailor-made materials on behalf of customers in a variety of industries, as well as a range of standard products for our three fully-owned companies. We are also the hub for a growing network of third-party production capacities in the case a customer prefers to outsource the actual manufacturing of parts or products.

Since June 2010 the company is listed on the Swedish stock market and has its B shares listed on Spotlight Stock Market with the card name ECO B.

EcoRub has Skellefte kraft as supplyer of electricity. This company has as its goal that 100% of its electricity shall be renewable by 2040.

EcoRub has Ekobanken as its primary bank. Ecobanken is the highest ranking bank in Sweden according to “Fair Finance Guide”. The score is 99 %. The second best is Jak Medlemsbank with 94%  and the third best is Swedbank with 64%

Providing new business opportunities

While Ecorub is focusing on the development and production of different TPRR®-materials for clients, we have three independent trademarks which produces their own products with unique features thanks to the TPRR® material we developed:

Arbergo: Produces high quality, customized ergonomic workplace mats for those working in public-, industrial- or office environments.

Profarma: Produces a variety of smart and durable products for the agriculture and animal care industry

Ecoelast: Develops and produces TPRR®-products for the boat and car industry, e.g slip protections, coatings, dampings and fabrics

Ecorubs nominating comittee has been constituted

The generall annual meeting June 25:th in Hökmarrk elected Suzanne Sandler as chairman of the nominating committee.  Other members are the founder and CEO Åke Paulsson and the boards chairman Mats Allansson.

The nominationg committee recieves gladly proposals from you as a shareholder for suitable boardmembers and/or viewponts on strategically important competenses which can be  essential for the company’s  future.

The nominating comittee can be reched through: valberedning@corub.se

According to a decision by Ecorub AB’s (the Company) Board, the Company will issue free of charge warrants to all shareholders. The record date is March 22, 2019.

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You can read all the latest information about Ecorub AB, the lates Trades, and Key numbers at Spotlight Stock Market. 

Please contact ir@ecorub.se with questions and inquiries.

Ecorub’s CEO Åke Paulsson has received the award “Best CEO in Sustainable Product Manufacturing Industry 2018”

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North Sweden Cleantech har gett en utmärkelse till EcoRub AB

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